Holidays Tailor Made For You.

Choosing a holiday is, indeed, a very important choice to make. Location is an important factor but by no means the only one. You could be at the most beautiful place in the World but if your accommodation is sub-standard it can ruin everything. At Deluxe Rentals we are dedicated to ensuring that all our accommodations are of the highest standards so that our guests can look forward to some luxury at the end of and during each day of their holiday.

We are also able to plan an itinerary/timetable for you which would provide an ideal opportunity to experience some of those things that you’ve always wanted to have a go at but never had the chance or time to before. A click on this link,  Tailored Activities , is the first step! Enjoy!

Whether you choose to stay in one of our luxury farmhouses on the island of Gozo: 


Or at the Hilton Hotel in Malta:


Deluxe Rentals are close-by and can help you with any queries or problems. 

Deluxe Rentals is based in Malta with a Worldwide reach. We offer accommodation of the highest standards. We have local people on the ground with the expert knowledge to help you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. 


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