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Back stage with the Beatles.

There is some great entertainment to be had in Malta for all ages. Last night I went to see that great U.K. tribute band “The Fab Beatles”. Never mind ‘Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you’ but close your eyes and that is The Beatles! Actually, even with your eyes open they have an uncanny resemblance to John, Paul, Ringo and George! Paul even plays the guitar left handed. They were supported by the great Maltese rock band called “Out of the Blues”. A really great show. I took a poor quality video. Apologies for that (I just organise great holidays! I’m not a video cameraman!) but it does give you a sense of the atmosphere back stage.

Need a Haircut?

If you need a haircut in Malta you can get it done the modern way or you can get it done at Louis’ Barber shop in Zejtun. Louis at 75 yrs of age has been cutting hair here for almost 60 years! IMG_20190202_140632

They don’t make things like they used to and I can assure you that the chairs (one from Chicago and the other from St Louis) are extremely comfortable.

He has a good collection of tools available which he proudly displays in a cabinet.


Louis really is a master of his trade and is highly recommended in the town of Zejtun. Takes tea with the left hand and saves his right hand for the cut throat razor!

If you need a proper haircut or just enjoy a bit of history, this place is well worth a visit.

Driving easy for U.K. Visitors.

Did you know that in Malta they drive on the left side of the road? For U.K. visitors, driving in Malta is just like being at home! The speed limit signs are, however, in km/hr.

rhd car

Driving on the left is thought to stem from the days when travelling was done on horseback. You could protect yourself from on-coming ‘traffic’ with your right hand (holding a sword).



Travel Adapter for Power Supply?

Did you know that in Malta they have the British type of 3 pin plugs and sockets?

So, if you are visiting from the U.K. you have no worries about using your electrical appliances. If you are visiting from Spain, you will need a travel adapter.


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